Franklin Gulf Conservation Park Photo Album

090718s-003.jpg Formerly known as Larkin Woods, Franklin Gulf Park is a 637-acre, Erie County-owned, undeveloped park in the Towns of Eden and North Collins.  It is primarily a wooded area that has impressive topography and scenic natural features, such as creeks, ravines, waterfalls and ledge outcroppings.  The topography is dominated by the “gulf,” a steep gorge which is practically inaccessible.  There are a couple of marked trails that take you to the best parts of the park.

Geocaching is a popular activity in the park. See our own series of geocaches we placed in this park.

This photo album is from a couple hikes Frank Jr and I took in the park this past winter and this summer.

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  1. Frank:
    It appears that one of the adjoining land owners (Arkadij Petroff) has extended his “property” into the borders of the park. A nice open area with a picnic table and fire ring that appear to be on county land according to the Erie County tax map.

    There are also several tree stands and blinds throughout the northeastern section of the park, all of them clearly on county land.

    You can see this info at



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