Firefox Browser

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For years I have been advocating the use of Maxthon as the browser with the most features and security. Although I have had Firefox installed for these many years I have really never used. Recently I installed Firefox 2.x and I have to say, I am switching browsers! I will make a list of all […]

My Afternoon Hike To Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park NY

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Today I went to visit a good friend of mine in the nursing home. On the way back to the office I was inspired to see if I could find Eternal Flame Falls. I have lived in this area for over forty years and never once bothered to find the falls. The other day I […]

5 Steps to set a Fuji FinePix s602z Camera to Infinity

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1. Set camera to Manual Focus 2. Switch to Mode SP, Landscape 3. Cover lens, and press the AF Assist button 4. The camera will fail to focus with the “!AF” error 5. The camera is now set at infinity AF, change to preferred mode and take pictures (but leave manual focus on)  

How Great Thou Art

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SK Hine brought to America a hymn that was the final result of almost seventy years of literary activity, involving several different writers and translators. In 1885 or 1886 Rev. Carl Boberg, a Swedish preacher, wrote the hymn, O Store Gud, (O Great God). In 1907 it was translated into German, and in 1912 into […]

Interesting day today – from Instanbul, Turkey to Zoar Valley Hike

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The day started out with a long distance call from two friends who just happened to be in Istanbul, Turkey. They are missionaries reaching the people of Bulgaria. They took a trip into Turkey to pass out Christian literature. Last year I was able to go to Istanbul and had the opportunity to speak to […]

Looking for some fellow Southside Jr High School friends

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I dug out my Southside Jr High School (Buffalo, NY) yearbook from 1976 today. Wow we really looked funny in the seventies, most of the guys had longer hair than the gals. I would love to know what happened to some of my friends I have not seen since then. So, if any of you […] begins

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