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How to send & receive Yahoo Mail (free version) from POP applications

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Normally to send and receive email from Yahoo via an POP application like Outlook or Thunderbird you must upgrade your yahoo email account to a premium account. Apparently yahoo is (unofficially) allowing pop access via their free mail in some situations. Here are some ways to possibly access your free yahoo email account via Outlook, […]

Password Stealing Malware Skyrocketing

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Password Stealing Malware Skyrocketing: http://www.v3.co.uk/v3/news/2250104/password-stealing-malware Story from V3.co.uk See my page on how to protect yourself from these threats: http://www.av1611.us/spyware.html

Dual-screen laptop on sale by Christmas

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The world’s first truly dual-screen laptop, which will allow computer users to multi-task while on the move, is due to go on sale by the end of the year: See article

Computer Geek Tip – How to quickly change the font size in the current window you are viewing.

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If you want to change the size of the text on your screen in almost any window, hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse up or down to adjust the font size in the active window. Neat aye?

Do you know about Google Sky & Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope?

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Google Sky – see the sky, moon and mars. Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope – See the universe live!

Google Health Offers Personal Health Records on the Internet

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Looking to store your medical records in a safe online environment for easy access? Look no further. Google Health is going live after a year and a half in development. With Google Health, you can: Build online health profiles that belong to you Download medical records from doctors and pharmacies Get personalized health guidance and […]

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