Google Health Offers Personal Health Records on the Internet

Looking to store your medical records in a safe online environment for easy access? Look no further. Google Health is going live after a year and a half in development.

With Google Health, you can:

  • Build online health profiles that belong to you
  • Download medical records from doctors and pharmacies
  • Get personalized health guidance and relevant news
  • Find qualified doctors and connect to time-saving services
  • Share selected information with family or caregivers

See it live: Google Health

Read about it on the official Google Blog: Google Health, a first look.

Fix for Firebug plugin in Firefox browser not showing CSS styles in inspector

There is a bug is in viewing css style sheets with the Firebug plugin when you have a installed version of Firefox that was updated from v1.5x to version 2.x.

To fix this simply delete the following files from the “components” folder in the  main Mozilla Firefox folder:
Then reinstall Firefox 2.x OVER the previous install – you do not have to uninstall Firefox.