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How to Tie the Most Useful Knot in the World (Bowline)

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The bowline knot is the most useful knot you will ever learn. It will not slip when in use, and comes undone easily even after being tightened under thousands of pounds.

How to Tie a Taut Line Knot

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This knot is very useful for adjusting tie downs quickly and easily. For example, a tarp could be held down by a series of these knots and be made very tight so the wind cannot make it rise, and easily be removed simply by sliding the knots later. A taut line knot is also used […]

The Power of Niagara Falls (short video)

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Here is a video I shot from below the American Falls at the Cave of the Winds.

Took the family to Niagara Falls – Awesome!

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Some who read this blog know that we are not able to get out as a family much. We have a handicapped son at home that needs 100% care. Carol really needed a break, so we placed Michael in OLV’s respite program for the week. We decided to get away to Niagara Falls. We were […]

Franklin Gulf Conservation Park Photo Album

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Formerly known as Larkin Woods, Franklin Gulf Park is a 637-acre, Erie County-owned, undeveloped park in the Towns of Eden and North Collins.  It is primarily a wooded area that has impressive topography and scenic natural features, such as creeks, ravines, waterfalls and ledge outcroppings.  The topography is dominated by the “gulf,” a steep gorge […]

Geocaching… a great hobby!

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Let me introduce you to a new hobby of ours here in the Broughton household – Geocaching. Geocaching is fun, it is for the whole family and it gets you out and about – ya that word – exercising. What is geocaching? Glad ya asked. Geocaching a high tech adventure game that is played world […]

Santa Cruz Island Eaglets Attacked & Rescued

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Yesterday two eaglets at the Nature Conservancy’s Santa Cruz Island Pelican Harbor nest were dramatically attacked by another eagle. This nest has a live web cam viewing the chicks at all times. An alert viewer of the cam notified Santa Cruz Island biologists. After rushing to the site the biologists found the eaglets alive but […]

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