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Who do you want answering that phone at 3 AM?

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“Who do you want answering that phone at 3 AM? A man who’s been cramming on these issues for the past year, who’s never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., the Berlin […]

Editorial: Uncovering Democrats’ racist past

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Editorial: Uncovering Democrats’ racist past – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsey Williams

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I present this video & link to his book here for your assimilation – see if it fits. I do not know what is being presented is wacko conspiracies or truth. Perhaps elements of both. Whatever, listen to Lindsey Williams talk about his first hand knowledge of Alaskan oil reserves larger than any on earth. […]

The Mitchell Report – As I See It

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Ex Liberal Senator (not ex in the money he is still shamefully raking in from the American people through his should be criminal pension) George Mitchell’s report on performance enhancing drug use in Major League Baseball was released yesterday. The report is full on innuendo and hearsay. Little did the ex senator care about names […]

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

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“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and will never be.” “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry, and shall […]

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