Our Weekend Adventure

This weekend was busy yet very exciting. This was the long awaited time to take Lisa to Bible College. Along the way we (Carol, Lisa, Josh and me) made a geocache stop in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and then on to Illinois. The weather was awful. A snowstorm in the southern tier of NY had us traveling at 40 MPH till the PA border. The temperature was negative ten Fahrenheit. This did not stop crazy me from hunting down a cache in each state. The PA one I had picked out Josh and I could not find – oh well, next time or when I get to summer camp in Butler, PA later this year.

We arrived in decent time considering the weather and met up with an old friend for dinner (Irene Hopkins) and met a new friend at the same time (Chris Williams). Carol and I stayed at Irene’s apartment for the weekend. Josh and Lisa checked into their college dorm.

Saturday was Lisa’s birthday and she wanted to visit downtown Chicago. We spent a few hours at the Navy Pier adventuring around (we hunted down a geocache too!). For dinner we found a most excellent Chinese restaurant in China Town. It was some of the best Chinese food we had had the privilege of eating.

Sunday was awesome as we attended First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Pastor Jack Schaap preached excellent sermons in the AM and PM services. The people of 1st Baptist made us feel right at home. I thank them for that.

On Monday we had an authentic Mexican Dinner at Irene’s and took Lisa back the college to bid our farewell. Josh drove Carol and I to Midway Airport in Chicago and after delay to replace a part on the 737 Carol and I arrived home very tired but safe and sound.

Lisa is adapting to college life and personally already I miss her very much.

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