Treatment week one is almost over!

I went to work today for the first time in a week. In reality, today was the first time I left my house in a week. Despite a nasty headache most of the day I was able to get some important things FINISHED at the office today (year end financial stuff). That feels good in itself!

With this treatment I am to get blood work done often. Today I went for the first draw of my blood. It went smooth!

Well I have to say, I did not think that this week was ever going to get over. Week one was terrible. They say each week progressively gets better. I hope so. I will be receiving my second injection tonight at 9PM – yipee! The pills are what I really detest. They leave a nasty taste in my mouth and effect me in a way that I have still not figured how to explain. For those who go to summer camp all summer picture how you feel when you get home that last week – that is how I felt all last week. Exhausted and weak.

Do not take me wrong I am grateful for this treatment, I am privileged to be able to receive it. I am thankful for my doctor and the nurse assigned to help me monitor the treatment. They have been great to me. I know it could be worse and that some reading this have things in their lives that are way worse.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Treatment week one is almost over!”

  1. I am glad you put in your disclaimer on how grateful your are for the treatment and you know it could be worse cause I was about ready to call you and tell you to buck up!

    You can and will get through this.

    I love you.


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