James Patrick Broughton – Welcome to Planet Earth

Number Four Son – Born October 14, 2:03am

8 minutes old:
James Patrick Broughton age 11 minutes
With mom – 4 hours old:
James Broughton with mom
With Dad – 4 hours old
James Broughton with Dad
James with Dad
James Broughton
13 hours old:
James Broughton
With grandma Broughton:
James broughton with Grandma Broughton
Hey little man:
James Broughton
Thank you Lord for this great blessing you have bestowed upon the Broughton Family once again!

1 thought on “James Patrick Broughton – Welcome to Planet Earth”

  1. Frank and Carol
    He’s beautiful!!!! Look at all that hair! Can’t wait to meet him in person! What a blessing! Love you guys!

    The O’Mara’s


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