I Highly Recommend Using Password Storage Software

For years I have stored my passwords in a password storage program. I have hundreds of passwords stored, I could never do this properly without this software.

I keep more than passwords stored in the program. I store software keys & license information. Plus private information like my credit card info – for easy access with online purchasing. If it is a number or information I may need someday (or may not need even  😉 ) I store it away in the software. Other private info like life, car, and home insurance policies are safely stored. The software file stored on your computer is encrypted with strong 256 bit encryption that has never been broken. Your information is safe as long as you use a good strong master password.

One Master Password is all that is needed to access all your passwords and private information.

Two common errors people make are using the same password for all their internet needs and they never change it. Using a password storage program allows you to use many different “strong” passwords and change them often.

I use Access Manager 2 by Citi-Soft:

Access Manager 2

Access Manager is FREE for personal, non-commercial use.  Here are some key features:

  • Store and manage an unlimited number of passwords
  • Automatically generate strong passwords
  • Drag and Drop passwords to Internet Explorer and other software
  • Copy usernames and passwords to the Windows Clipboard
  • Keep unlimited notes with each password
  • Notes can include clickable links to web sites and email
  • Find a password by entering any part of its title/description
  • Easy to use, modeled on the Microsoft Outlook®style
  • Preview and print the full details of any password
  • Preview and print a summarized password list for storage in a safe or bank vault

Access Manager has made my life much easier as far as keeping all my private information in one location for easy access.

Another excellent freeware program I recommend is KeePass Password Safe:


KeePass has tons of features and is actively developed by its author.

Pick your application TODAY and start building your informational database. Make your internet usage safer and your life more organized.

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