Operation “Ditch the Bag of Cement” – week 1 results

Dad and Hannah at Letchworth State Park 2004 I made it through the first week of my quest to get back in shape and loose weight. If ya recall I started at an embarrassing 257 pounds and I am glad to report that today, 1 week later, I weighed in on the scale at 249 pounds. So there goes a couple shovels of the “bag of cement” off my belly and back.

Thanks for those who have shown support for me in getting my health back in order after the long 2009 I had on some strong medicines.  I have a long way to go, but remained determined. At age 50 and having a 2 year old son running around the house I just have to (Lord willing). I would love to see him grow up serving the Lord Jesus Christ and he needs proper training along the way, of which I am responsible for.

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