Good news update on TX

I went to my liver specialist this week because I have been feeling so tired and my hemoglobin is getting to the point of being too low. While there I learned my ALT (liver enzyme) number went from 210 down to 31. I am in the normal range for the first time in 30 + years. That means my liver is no longer being damaged as of now by the virus. I get tested at the end of next week to see if the virus is still undetectable at this point as I was after week four. I will get my thyroid checked out – well just about every test I have ever had is being redone next week. Should have a good picture of how I am doing in two weeks. But the numbers are looking very good.

I had a decent day yesterday – put in a full day of work for the first time in a while and no headache. I have some friends over from Rochester and today we are going to go on a slow paced hike. Still a long way to go for me, and the road is still pretty hard but I am learning how to deal with all these very nasty side effects.

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