Treatment Week 15 Update

I am VERY thankful for the prayers and care of many of you. I just took injection 15 out 48 last night. So one third complete. My numbers are doing well. After week 12 I was still undetectable for the virus and my ALT (liver enzyme) was 31 still (it was up to 210 before treatment). This is the first time I have had normal liver readings in thirty years.

Yes, I am doing good numbers wise but this treatment continues to beat me up pretty good. I am always short of breath. If I bend down and up quick or slow I get pretty dizzy. The pills are really nasty (I have four of them staring at me right now that I have to take). They have many side effects. A nasty dry cough that just will not go away, plus I have a creepy dry skin rash kind of feeling on my whole body. My taste is totally messed and no food tastes good. I have lots of trouble eating. (Good thing – I think, is that I have lost 23 or so pounds so far). My smell is messed up and I have a constant dirt taste in my mouth and the same as far as smell. Of course the worst side effect of all is feeling very fatigued and flu like most every day. I am getting to work a day or two a week but it wipes me out after that. Pastor Kohl and FBBC has been most gracious about that. Praise the Lord for that. It helps remove much stress. I have been doing real good depression wise. Depression is a very popular side effect seeing how the side effects are so nasty and the treatment just seems to never end – 48 weeks!

Thank you so much for those who inquire about how I am doing. That means so much to me. Every little bit of care and every prayer is helping me continue on. Before I started treatment I interviewed eight people who took this treatment and only two of the eight were able to finish. It is so important that I complete the whole 48 weeks. Determination alone will not get it done – but the prayers and care of my friends will help me do it!


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  1. I’ll keep praying brother! Can’t imagine all those side effects! Affliction like this will keep you close to HIM tho! talk to you soon!

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