Treatment Update

Obviously I have not posted any updates in two weeks. I have been too ill to even care about my stupid computer. I have only checked my email two times in the last two weeks. Those that know me know that it is not me.

First, thanks to those who have called me on the phone and sent letters and cards over the last few weeks. I appreciate it very much. This treatment is very difficult. It has been four plus weeks now. It has not been a fun time at all. Picture having the flu for four weeks and you can start to get the idea on how I feel. After week four I had some blood drawn that will give me some very important information – like if this treatment is working! I will find out today or tomorrow if it is killing the virus. There is a 50 50 chance it is working for me. So much so that I could be RVR  – Rapid Viral Response – the virus being undetectable. That is the ultimate goal. If there is no reaction to the treatment I may be pulled off as soon as week eight. Insurance will no longer cover the treatment if there is no reaction. If it is working we go on!

It is hard to explain how I have felt these past four weeks. There is no way I could have done this without my wife Carol. She is a true friend! I love her dearly. Of course I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, who sustains me, for giving me peace in my mind and heart through this time.

I will post the results of the blood work here when I find out today or tomorrow.

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