Great News Update on my HCV Treatment

My blood work results are in and I just learned today after speaking with the nurse in charge of my treatment that I have cleared the virus (the RNA level went from 3,080,000 to undetectable!). There was only a 50 percent chance of this happening. Thank you – all who have prayed for me. This is very good news for my family! The nurse said that because of clearing the virus at such an early stage that I now have a 96% chance of permanently keeping the virus dormant if I finish the 48 weeks of treatment. Week six starts tomorrow. It will be a long row to hoe, but now I know it is working! I will just continue taking it moment by moment. Last night I went to church for the first time in a month. It felt good to be back in the house of the Lord. I still am pretty sick from the treatment but this news sure helps. I was able to do some work around the house the last couple days and that felt real good. Please continue to pray that I can handle this treatment and the side effects go away. Also please pray that I loose some weight. I have gained back all the weight I worked so hard to loose (60 plus pounds arg!).

Thank you again for your prayers and thank you Lord Jesus for answering this one great prayer request.

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  1. Hi Frank

    So happy to hear that the treatment is working for you and your back in church.
    Stick with it, it’ll all be worth it in the long run. Hopefully only one time around and it’ll work for you ( I know people that had to run it twice, two years ) Hopefully someday they’ll come out with a new treatment that will work for me.
    In the mean time, I’m doing ok…dealing with other problems but that to is for a reason I believe that only God knows and understands. I’ve been a member at Caz Church for a year now, and drawing more people in. I do miss Pastor Kohl and everyone there, say hi for me.
    God Bless, love and miss you all Kim


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