Lester Roloff – “Mule Walked On” MP3 Audio Sermon Podcast

This sermon was preached in 1969 and contains some vintage Lester Roloff quotes such as:

  • “Ain’t no sense in asking God to bless us if we ain’t on blessing ground.”
  • “Anything that is “adult only” is not fit for adults!”

Listen to or download this classic sermon by the late Lester Roloff:

3 thoughts on “Lester Roloff – “Mule Walked On” MP3 Audio Sermon Podcast”

  1. Hi Frank!

    Thank you for posting Bro. Roloff’s sermon here! I really enjoyed it! He was one of our last great preachers!
    I saw/heard him once in Longview, Tx when I was a teenager. I’m 46 now. I sure miss preachers like him….

    God Bless You and Yours!

    shelia moore
    Carthage, TX

  2. I went to Hyles Anderson!! We are living in a watered down pathetic compromising age!! Judgement is coming!! WHERE IS THE SPIRIT-FILLED PREACHING!!


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