RG Lee – “Payday Someday” MP3 Audio Sermon Podcast

Live it up, but someday there will be a payday? What will yours be like?

Listen to or download this classic sermon by the late RG Lee:

4 thoughts on “RG Lee – “Payday Someday” MP3 Audio Sermon Podcast”

  1. I am excited to be able to download this great sermon by one of God’s great saints. This Holy Spirit led sermon has fed and ministered to 1,000’s over the years.

  2. I was so surprised when I actually found Dr. Lee’s sermon online. It was my privelege as a young girl and teen to hear Dr. Lee preach this sermon in person several times. My father was a music evangelist and a gospel music composer and he served in many revivals with Dr. Lee. My dad wrote and published a song, “Payday Someday,” endorsed by Dr. Lee, and sang it often in the services just before Dr. Lee preached. My two sisters and I sang in an acapella trio, and though we weren’t fully aware of the greatness of this man of God, we look back now and realize the wonderful blessing and honor it was for us to be able to sing it a few times when Dr. Lee preached at our uncle’s church in Bowling Green, KY. We have a picture of the three of us standing with Dr. Lee at the pulpit in the mid 60’s. We treasure the picture and the memory. My husband and I have an old scratched up long-playing record of this wonderful sermon and we’ve been hoping that someday we could transfer it to a CD. We’re thrilled that we can download it now. We have two grown sons and they feel like they knew Dr. Lee, because we’ve played that sermon for them many times since they were little guys. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Karen,

    Where can I find the song, Payday Someday, your dad wrote and sang? What a privilege for you to be able to know such a great man of God. My dad was able to hear Dr. Lee preach this sermon and has spoken of it many times. I was so happy to be able to hear it!


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