Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. Remember Jesus, he is why we have hope!

The Christmas Gift
by Vicki Porter

It should have been a palace
Where the Blessed Baby lay,
In a cradle’s warmth and comfort-
Not a manger filled with hay,

For He was Himself Creator
Of the heavens and the earth,
But He’d left His Throne of Glory
For a lowly, earthly birth.

There was nothing made He had not made
But most incomprehensively,
He had laid aside His Royal Crown
To save lost humanity!

He knew rejection from the world
When His life had just begun,
For no comfort, warmth, or shelter
Were offered God’s Own Son.

And in His earthly ministry
He received few men’s esteem
Although He’d come to heal and help
and a fallen world redeem.

The Scriptures tell us He was rich,
But became, for our sakes, poor-
That we, through grace, might be rich-
And could enter Heaven’s Door.

Yes, it should have been a palace
Where the Blessed Baby lay
But salvation’s gift was humbly brought
To a manger filled with hay.

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