Dad and Hannah at Letchworth State Park 2004 After a year of sitting around doing nothing but suffering from the side effects (flu like) of 48 weeks of my HCV treatment I have acquired an embarrassing bag of cement around the middle of my torso 😎 ‘er I should just say it – I am fat! Today marks the beginning of a mission: “Operation BeFit” or as the title of the post says “Operation Ditch the Bag of Cement.”

I weigh in at an totally embarrassing weight of 257 pounds. My goal is 205 by year end and <225 by summer camp in July. I am off to a good start, walked on the treadmill this morning for 30 minutes for a distance of 1.5 miles. It is a start. May I a year from now look like I did in 2004 as the picture with my daughter Hannah on the left reveals.