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New Update

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Sorry I have not posted any new news in a while. I have been feeling real lousy. My numbers are not good and I had one of the medicines cut back. I will try to give more details soon. Thanks for your prayers.

Treatment Week 15 Update

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I am VERY thankful for the prayers and care of many of you. I just took injection 15 out 48 last night. So one third complete. My numbers are doing well. After week 12 I was still undetectable for the virus and my ALT (liver enzyme) was 31 still (it was up to 210 before […]

Good news update on TX

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I went to my liver specialist this week because I have been feeling so tired and my hemoglobin is getting to the point of being too low. While there I learned my ALT (liver enzyme) number went from 210 down to 31. I am in the normal range for the first time in 30 + […]

Week 9 – Treatment Update

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It has been a long 9 weeks on treatment so far. This past weekend had to be the worst yet for side-effects. By Saturday evening I was totally wiped out. Picture this: nasty chest cold, upset stomach, diarrhea,  and the flu and you can begin to understand how my weekend went. Last weekend was almost […]

Great News Update on my HCV Treatment

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My blood work results are in and I just learned today after speaking with the nurse in charge of my treatment that I have cleared the virus (the RNA level went from 3,080,000 to undetectable!). There was only a 50 percent chance of this happening. Thank you – all who have prayed for me. This […]

Treatment Update

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Obviously I have not posted any updates in two weeks. I have been too ill to even care about my stupid computer. I have only checked my email two times in the last two weeks. Those that know me know that it is not me. First, thanks to those who have called me on the […]

Blood work results and update

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So far week two is better than week one for sure, although this weekend was tough to get through. Last night I had the first good night of sleep in two weeks. I felt decent when I woke up. Then four more Ribavirin pills down the ole hatch. Yikes…. I dread these pills. Little over […]

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